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  • Belluno

    32100 Belluno, Province of Belluno, Italy .

    Belluno, è una città e provincia del Veneto, nel nord Italia. Situata a circa 100 chilometri a nord di Venezia, Belluno è il capoluogo della provincia di Belluno e la città più importante delle Dolomiti orientali. Con i suoi circa 36.000 abitanti, è la più grande area popolata della Valbelluna.

  • Parco nazionale delle Dolomiti Bellunesi

    Dolomiti Bellunesi, Belluno BL, Italy .

    Il Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi è un parco nazionale della provincia di Belluno, in Veneto, nel nord Italia. Istituito nel 1988, il parco nazionale è inserito nella sezione "Pale di San Martino - San Lucano - Dolomiti Bellunesi - Vette Feltrine" delle Dolomiti dichiarate patrimonio dell'umanità dall'UNESCO nel 2009.

  • Lago di Santa Croce

    Lago di Santa Croce, Province of Belluno, Italy .

    Il Lago di Santa Croce è un lago seminaturale in provincia di Belluno, Veneto, Italia settentrionale. Fa parte dei comuni di Alpago e Ponte nelle Alpi. Il lago si trova a 386 metri s.l.m. e attualmente ha una superficie di 7,2 chilometri quadrati, con una profondità media di 33 metri.

  • Misurina

    Misurina, Province of Belluno, Italy .

    Thanks to its crystal clear waters and the imposing mountains that surround it, Lake Misurina is also nicknamed the "Pearl of Cadore". In addition to Piz Popena, Cristallino d'Ampezzo, Monte Piana, Marmarole and Sorapiss, in the background of this glacial lake there are also the majestic Tre Cime.

  • Cortina d'Ampezzo

    Cortina d'Ampezzo, Province of Belluno, Italy .

    Cortina d'Ampezzo is a town that can boast a millenary history and a long tradition in tourism. Today it looks to the future with optimism also thanks to the awarding of the World Alpine Ski Championships in 2021 and the Olympics Milano-Cortina 2026.

  • Passo San Boldo

    Passo San Boldo, Cison di Valmarino, Province of Treviso, Italy .

    Passo San Boldo is a pass that connects the two sides of the central Belluno pre-Alps, Valmareno, in the province of Treviso, and Valbelluna, in the province of Belluno. My advice is to organize your motorbike tour along Passo San Boldo starting from Valmareno and then going towards Sedico and the Belluno Dolomites. 
    The road is narrow and one-way alternating, regulated by a rather slow traffic light. Waiting for the green light can take more than a few minutes so it might be useful to switch off your bike while waiting. 
    The ascent of Passo San Boldo is not a road to drive, but it is a road to enjoy looking around through the visor of your helmet. On the side of the Valmareno valley the view from the bottom of the valley towards the pass and the view from the top of the ascent to the valley are really very suggestive, with a narrow snake of bends that slips into the mountain climbing with hairpin bends carved into the rock. The descent towards Sedico, on the other hand, is soft and easy to drive. 

  • Asolo

    Asolo, Province of Treviso, Italy .

    The village of Asolo is a treasure chest of history, art and culture. Set in a suggestive natural setting, between the Venetian plain and the Asolo Hills, it has been considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy by the Touring Club. The disarming beauty of its landscapes inspired the poet Giosuè Carducci who renamed it the City of the Hundred Horizons. Asolo is also known as the city of the 3 women: Queen Caterina Cornaro who settled there after her exile, the actress Eleonora Duse who chose the peace of Asolo to heal the tormented love with D'Annunzio and the writer Freya Stark, tireless traveler and first example of female emancipation.

    Finally, she agreed on different types of tourists: lovers of long walks in contact with nature, art and culture lovers and those who live the journey as an opportunity to discover the best products of our food and wine. For our readers a short guide to the historical and cultural attractions offered by this splendid village in the Veneto region loved by the stars.

    A walk in the heart of the village of Asolo
    The itinerary starts from the heart of the historic centre, from the square where the Fontana Maggiore, built in the 16th century, stands. Meeting point of the people of Asolo has connections with other important historical monuments: the Roman Aqueduct that until some time ago fed the fountain, the column belonging to a palace of the ancient Roman town hall of Asolo and the Lion of St. Mark made by Antonio Dal Zotto, Venetian sculptor of the late '800.

  • Visit to the Vajont dam

    Vajont, Erto e Casso, Province of Pordenone, Italy .

    The Vajont dam is a dam designed from 1926 to 1958 by engineer Semenza.

    The purpose of the dam was to serve as a seasonal regulating water reservoir for the waters of the Piave river of the Mae' and Boite streams that previously went directly to the basin of the Gallina valley that supplied the large Soverzene power station.

    The waters, removed from their natural course, were thus channelled from the Pieve di Cadore dam (Piave river), the Pontesei dam (Maè torrent) and the Valle di Cadore dam (Boite torrent) to the Vajont basin through kilometres of vibrated reinforced concrete pipes and spectacular Ponti Tubo bridges.

    The Vajont disaster occurred on 9 October 1963. A landslide broke away from Mount Toc and fell into the basin causing a wave that overcame the dam and destroyed the village of Longarone causing 2,000 victims.

    Not to forget, today you can visit the Vajont dam with the help of experienced nature guides. This is not a fun visit, it is important to know. Visiting the Vajont dam today, where the terrible tragedy occurred, is a life experience, which must teach everyone that such things must never happen again.

    When you get to the starting point of the dam to welcome visitors, there is a series of small flags affixed to the fence which acts as a parapet: lots of coloured flags bearing the names of the children who were victims of the tragedy. Really touching.



  • Civic Museum of Belluno

    Civic Museum of Belluno, Via Roma, 28, 32100 Belluno, Province of Belluno, Italy .

    A visit to the Bellunum civic museum is recommended. Check timetables from the site

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